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I am PASSIONATE about people and their stories; about making (impossible) things happen; about turning ideas into concrete projects.

My SUPERPOWER: motivating people to work with me towards a common goal.

I’m most proud of having put LUXEMBOURG on the world map of biomedical research… and being a mom to my amazing son.

How I spend my free time: YOGA, dance, photography & travels.


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Acknowledgements & Credits

I am very appreciative for the many contributions that people have made to the website, without which the website would not have much of the content, both words and pictures, that it contains.

Special thanks to:
Miikka Heinonen - for his amazing pictures

Amanda Surbey - for her copywriting experience

Joel Colucci - for his design experience

All the electronic content and images contained in the this website is copyright, either to the Patrizia Luchetta, or one of the contributors given above.​

Please do not take, copy etc any content or images from any part of this website for reproduction or networking on another web site or other electronic media or for publication and distribution without permission and acknowledgment.
If you wish to use some material, please contact Patrizia Luchetta.

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