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Patrizia Luchetta Ingenuity

George Patton

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."


DZigning the TimeLine: INclusive Design for the Elderly

'Dzigning the TimeLine: Inclusive Design for the Elderly' is a non-profit project that I initiated because of my passion for design and for inspired people. It saw nine young designers from Israel and Luxembourg develop innovative concepts to improve the living spaces of elderly people.

INclusive by DZIGN aims to promote the process of inclusive design which merges ergonomics and aesthetics to develop solutions within the design of a product that take into account the health, mobility or sensory fragility of its user. Through cooperative projects featuring young designers at home and abroad, INclusive by DZIGN helps generate social and cultural inclusion across generations by and whilst relieving societal challenges.


Patrizia’s reactivity and her capacity to adapt are two attributes that I highly appreciate in our professional cooperation. Patrizia is a real professional who loves what she’s doing. She works for the pleasure of implementing ideas and achieving goals- not to boost her own ego. This too is a great quality that I’d like to highlight.

Rem Perry, Music Producer and Composer

Parliamentary Attaché, LSAP Parliamentary Group

Working as a parliamentary attaché gave me a thorough understanding of the legislative process, of what it takes for ideas to be implemented, and most importantly of the crucial role of communication with stakeholders in this process.

  • Responsible for dossiers related to the environment, finance/economics, media, and communications.

  • Analyzed existing legislation regarding proposed laws, drafted amendment proposals.

  • Maintained contact with lobby/interest groups.

  • Performed PR work including drafting articles, organizing press conferences, and coordinating general interest conferences.

  • Led working groups on economic and environmental issues.

  • Represented the LSAP in EU task forces including fiscal policy and banking legislation.

  • Participated in MP J. Krecké’s special report on fiscal fraud.

  • Drafted MP R. Negri’s parliamentary report for the 2006 state budget. My contribution included a thorough analysis of France’s budgetary reform (Loi Organique des Lois de Finances) and several recommendations for reforming public finances that have since been implemented.

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