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Patrizia Luchetta Strategic Advisor

Michael LeBoeuf

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"


Boson Energy

I had a one-year assignment with a forward-looking, visionary company that provides resilient and affordable distributed power, heat, and cooling for communities in emerging and developing markets. My responsibilities included reaching out to stakeholders, raising awareness about resilient power production, branding exercises, and producing marketing materials.

Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade

I was recruited by the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade in 2007 to develop a Health Sciences and Technology Hub to help strengthen and diversify Luxembourg’s economic fabric. While there I

  • Developed and implemented an overall strategy (a niche-based approach in “personalized medicine”) and 5-year business plan

  • Gained buy-in from Luxembourg government officials/politicians, research institutes, hospitals, trade unions

  • Identified strategic US partners to kickstart the project

  • Identified appropriate instruments and incentives (financial, infrastructure, business support)

  • Developed promotional tools to attract companies to Luxembourg

  • Selected a biotech venture capital fund in which the Luxembourg government invested

  • Assessed business plans of companies applying for grants

  • Worked with Advent Ventures (London) on due diligence of biotech companies.


Ultimately Luxembourg invested 140 million euros over 5 years resulting in two internationally recognized entities:


In my capacity as a Deputy Director for the Scandinavian countries and Israel, I oversaw and directed the Ministry’s activities in those countries and organized sectoral economic missions.


In 2011, the Ministry gave me responsibility for the strategic development of the cleantech sector.


Patrizia Luchetta has been a key person in the creation and the growing of IBBL biobank, which is now one of the best accredited and ISO certified biobanks in Europe.

Patrizia is an incredible and passionate woman, with a lot of convictions, and she particularly likes to support meaningful projects or ideas. She will put all of her energy and intelligence to help them become concrete and real.

Dr. Catherine Larue, CEO of the Luxembourg Institute for Health

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